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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


Apr 11, 2011

Travis Seifman, author of the recently published article Seals of Red and Letters of Gold - Japanese Relations with Southeast Asia in the 17th Century, and conference attendee joins Chris and Nate with part one of the AAS/ICAS (The Association for Asian Studies and the International Convention of Asia Scholars) Conference wrap-up. They go over a few more seminars that they had attended, as well as comments and reactions to the lectures, speakers, and the conference itself. The seminars and lectures mentioned in this podcast include:

Okinawa, Furusato, and the Creation of a Postwar Vision of Japaneseness, Thomas O’Leary

Celebrations of the Heart – Romantic Lit by Yuikawa Kei, Eileen B. Mikals-Adachi

Portraits of Modern Japanese Working Women – the Literature of Hayashi Mariko, Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase

To Be Beautiful, Or Not To Be Beautiful, That Is The Question—Himeno Kaoruko’s Seikei Bijo, Satoko Kan

Who is Aiko? ~ The Absent ‘Father’ in Natsuo Kirino’s I’m Sorry, Mama., Kayo Takeuchi

“Food Imagery and Parody in 16th Century Japan: About the Shuhanron Emaki (The Illustrated Scroll of the Sake and Rice Debate)”, Claire-Akiko Brisset

“From Warming Stone to Memorial Stone: Rethinking the History of Japanese Tea Cuisine”, Eric C Rath Wine and Eau-de-Cologne: From the Introduction of Western Food to the Birth of Yoshoku, Shoko Higashiyotsuyanagi

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