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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


Nov 6, 2011

This episode of the Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast, we tackle  a recurring question that comes up time and again: the misunderstanding of "strategy" vs. "tactics" as used in military history.  Most people seem to think the words are interchangeable.  However, when you're discussing military history, it's important to use the correct terms because they imply completely different things.  This examination of the meaning and application of strategy, operations, and tactics is illustrated by both modern examples, as well as the battle of Okehazama and the battle of Nagashino.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Conlan, Thomas. Weapons & Fighting Techniques of the Samurai Warrior 1200-1877 AD By Thomas, D Conlan, Amber Books Ltd, 2008

Von Clausewitz, Carl. On War Princeton University Press; 1St Edition edition (June 1, 1989)

Samurai Archives Blog: Strategical Buffoonery

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