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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


Jan 25, 2012

For part 3 of our JSA coverage, Chris, Nate, Travis, and guest host Alison Rapp continue their roundtable discussion of the 18th annual Japan Studies Association conference held in Honolulu, Hawaii on the Hawaii Tokai International College campus in January, 2012.

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Presentations mentioned:

The Impact of Internationalization of Minority Language Protectionin Japan: Insights for Ainu from Europe - Theresa Savage, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

Reforms in Japan's Criminal Justice System - Philip Reichel, University of Northern Colorado.

Terrible Knowledge: Using Japanese Anime to Teach WWII without Traumatizing Students - Mara Miller, Independent Scholar.

What Anime Is... And What Anime Can Teach Media Educators About the Politics of Viewing Anime- Lien Fan Shen, University of Utah.

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