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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


May 19, 2014

Welcome to our next bonus episode.  Some Daimyo were skilled strategists, others lucky, staying ahead of the game with wits and cunning.  However, the battlefields of the Sengoku period are littered with the bones of men who were not so lucky.  Many Sengoku Daimyo were done in by dumb decisions, others made decisions that seemed reasonable at the time but would lead to disastrous results.  From Imagawa Yoshimoto's decision to invade Owari province, to Asai Nagamasa deciding to turn on Oda Nobunaga, we look at some decisions that not only shaped the history of the Sengoku period, but may leave you wondering just what the heck they were thinking.  This episode is part one of two.

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Morris, Ivan. The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan Farrar, Straus and Giroux (September 1, 1988)

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