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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


Jun 29, 2014

In this episode, we talk to the creator of the "A Short History of Japan" podcast, Cameron Foster.  We talk about his podcast, travelling in Japan, interesting aspects of japanese history, and about not seeing the recent movie "47 Ronin". Part one of two. Follow Cameron on Twitter: @frugcam

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A Short History of Japan:

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics:

Yoshikawa, Eiji. Musashi Kodansha USA (July 14, 1995)

Yoshikawa, Eiji. Taiko Kodansha USA; Reprint edition (August 3, 2012)

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almost three years ago

Was that Arirang at the end of the podcast there? Because...?

Samurai Archives
almost three years ago

LOL I think you're right. I have never noticed. Well, guess I won't be using that one again.