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Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. Simply stated, our mission is to bridge the gap between the popular and the academic, and to bring the world of academic Japanese history accessible to a wider audience through discussion of topics and authors in an informative but informal manner. We encourage those listeners who want to know more to seek out works by the historians and authors we reference and interview, and to contribute to the conversation. Conversely, we hope scholars can view us as a way to reach a broader, non-specialist audience and raise the bar for general understandings of Japanese history. The Official Podcast of the Samurai Archives Japanese History page.

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Jun 28, 2011

After Japan closed its borders and kicked the Christian missionaries out of Japan, it was forced to undertake a national maritime defense to protect against any potential foreign threats. In this podcast, we examine the defense of the port of Nagasaki, from the political and military structure to the actual defenses constructed at the port. We also examine the successes and failures that occurred in Nagasaki, starting with the torching of a Portuguese ship and execution of most of its sailors in 1640, to the drastic failure to defend the port against the British Navy ship Phaeton in 1808.

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Mentioned in this podcast:

Arima, Seiho. The Western Influence on Japanese Military Science, Shipbuilding, and Navigation Monumenta Nipponica, Vol. 19 No. 3/4 Sophia University, 1964

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