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Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. Simply stated, our mission is to bridge the gap between the popular and the academic, and to bring the world of academic Japanese history accessible to a wider audience through discussion of topics and authors in an informative but informal manner. We encourage those listeners who want to know more to seek out works by the historians and authors we reference and interview, and to contribute to the conversation. Conversely, we hope scholars can view us as a way to reach a broader, non-specialist audience and raise the bar for general understandings of Japanese history. The Official Podcast of the Samurai Archives Japanese History page.

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Dec 21, 2013

Welcome to the second bonus episode from the history podcast that never was, Chris and Forest talk Japanese history (often while drinking beer).  Because the original concept was to create a seperate podcast, it should be stated that opinions expressed are their own, and do not reflect the views of anyone not present for this podcast.

And with that - Regardless of whether you think of Oda Nobunaga as a hero or villain, it can't be disputed that he was a brutal tyrant responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of men, women, and children on his quest to unify Japan under his control.  Was Nobunaga simply a product of his era, or was there something more to the man who built a path towards national unification with the gilded skulls of his enemies?  We look at the life of Oda Nobunaga, and try to shed some light on his outlook and ambitions.

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ten and a half years ago

Typical great episode.

One question: why Oda? Yes he was an exceptional leader with the correct combination of insanity, evil and vision, but not clear to me if this explains it all. In fact why did the wars stop at all? I know the details of the stories of how everything evolved the way it did. I just am not convinced this podcast explores the why. Did the introduction of modern arms fundamentally change something to make the pre-Oda state of constant fighting unsustainable? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this in the future.

Samurai Archives
ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

Wow, that one was really intersting. Btw, I was wondering, is there any posibility to donate money to you? I'm not really using Amazon so...